Hackers’ Epoch: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Card Game for High Schoolers

Hackers’ Epoch: The Ultimate Cybersecurity Card Game for High Schoolers

Hackers’ Epoch: Gamifying Cybersecurity Education

Hackers’ Epoch is more than just a card game; it’s a transformative educational tool that brings cybersecurity principles to life in high school classrooms. Developed to engage and educate students on threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies, Hackers’ Epoch is the ultimate resource for teachers and parents seeking to empower the next generation of digital citizens.

Experience the Game

In Hackers’ Epoch, players dive into the world of cybersecurity, using cards to build and defend their network infrastructure while strategizing to thwart opponents. With domains including Malware, Network Intrusion, Social Engineering, and more, students encounter real-world scenarios as they race to add systems to their infrastructure before the game ends. From Advance Persistent Threats to Zero-Day exploits, Hackers’ Epoch covers it all, providing a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity concepts in a fun and interactive format.

STEM.org Authenticated™ Seal of Approval

Hackers’ Epoch proudly bears the STEM.org Authenticated™ trustmark, signifying its alignment with STEM standards and commitment to quality education. Parents and educators can trust that Hackers’ Epoch will seamlessly integrate into STEM-friendly environments, fostering 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. With a secure, third-party review process, the STEM.org Authenticated™ seal assures consumers of Hackers’ Epoch’s educational value and effectiveness.

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